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Job Resource - A Checklist for an Excellent First Day at Work

About This Product

This Job Resource is a Checklist for an Excellent First Day at Work, essential for a successful transition into the workplace.

  • The job resource promotes independence and confidence by guiding students through their first day of work.

  • First-time job workers can simplify the first-day jitters with a clear, step-by-step checklist.

  • This comprehensive checklist ensures a smooth start to the work day by covering important tasks like introductions and office navigation.

  • The checklist also encourages effective communication and social interactions with colleagues.

  • Equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to transition into the workforce successfully.

  • Boost self-esteem by helping students feel prepared and in control on their first day.

This job resource was created to empower teens and adults with autism and related disabilities to thrive in a professional setting by effectively utilizing time management and communication skills.

This life skills resource will assist high school students and young adults in developing the necessary independent living skills to become more independent at school, at home, and in their communities.

This story is designed to be used by special education teachers, occupational therapists, speech therapists, ABA therapists, registered behavior technicians (RBT), parents, job coaches, employment specialists, supported living coaches, and life skills teachers to teach their students valuable life skills.

In addition to interactive instruction, this resource is ideal for hands-on and community-based learning, defining, setting, and measuring IEP goals.

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Engage your special education class with this highly interactive High School Functional Life Skills Resource!

It's printable, easy to use, and ready to hand out!

A PDF file with one (1) page.

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