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John Floyd (former VA Governor & 3rd-Party Presidential Candidate) BIO PPT

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About This Product

John Floyd Biography PowerPoint: An Informative Look at a Nullifier Party Presidential Candidate\nThis 40-page PowerPoint provides a comprehensive, engaging biography of John Floyd, who served as a Virginia Congressman, Virginia Governor in the 1830s, and third-party Nullifier Party candidate for President of the United States in 1832. The presentation explores Floyd's background and upbringing in Virginia, his education at Washington College, his early career as a lawyer and politician, his election to the Virginia House of Delegates, his accomplishments as Virginia Governor from 1830-1834, his unsuccessful third-party presidential campaign, and more. Educators can use this informative resource to supplement lessons and spark student interest in lesser-known political figures from 19th century Virginia and U.S. history.

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