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Kids' Traveling Songs 3

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About This Product

Kids' Traveling Songs 3: Inspire a Love for Music

Kids' Traveling Songs 3 is a comprehensive audio resource carefully curated for preschool through grade 2 educators and parents. This unique teaching tool, perfect for on-the-go learning, aims at kindling a passion for music in children.

  • The package includes 26 delightful songs, all in one zip file.
  • The song list includes fun themes like dinosaurs, animals and numerous classics such as 'Down By The Bay.'
  • Songs chosen are known to captivate young minds, holding their attention during travel or even during downtime at home or school.
  • Besides entertainment, these songs serve as musical introductions to rhythm, rhyme and beat – the foundational elements of music.

An Adaptable Teaching Resource

This product stands out with its adaptability. Here's how you can use it:

  • Educators: Use the tunes during whole group activities by playing them over speakers. It encourages students to connect socially while jointly discovering music.
  • Homeschooling Parents: Use it individually with children during quiet times or structured playtimes - an engaging way to diversify usual lesson routines. Furthermore, the convenience of an audio format allows usage across devices – computers, tablets and smart-phones alike!

Incorporating Art & Music into Lessons

Including art and music into routine lessons boosts creativity while enhancing auditory skills among kids in their formative years–all within an enjoyable hearing experience filled with fun provided by Kids' Traveling Songs 3!

Note:It's not just about listening; encourage active participation too! Students can dance along or create their own lyrics–the possibilities are endless with this outstanding tool.

In essence, Kids' Traveling Songs 3 takes children on exciting melodic journeys. They discover new animals and favorites, adding a spark of joy to each day’s teaching adventure!

What's Included

1 zip file with 26 songs

Resource Tags

traveling songs preschool music interactive learning rhythm and rhyme auditory skills

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