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L blends Phonic Worksheets for Early Years/Intervention

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About This Product

Here is a bumper pack of 40 consonant blend phonic worksheets to teach bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, and sl.

Who are these L-Blends Phonics Worksheets for?

These worksheets are designed for a younger child, or an older child with processing difficulties both of whom may need less on a page.

These worksheets break learning down into small, bite-sized steps to enable very young learners, or those with special needs to succeed.

These worksheets are based on my 3-step process: see it, sound it out, write it. By using the hand, we strengthen the links in the brain that help both reading and spelling.

Reading and spelling are two sides of the same coin. Together, both are stronger.

Order, Outline and Steps

  • Each blend is introduced aurally. To begin with, the child is asked to colour the picture that starts with a given blend. There are 2 differentiated worksheets for each blend.

  • A further set of worksheets asks children to sort words by their initial blend - there are 2 differentiated worksheets for this activity.

  • Another set gives the child practice writing the blend - providing a multisensory component.

  • We then move into reading and spelling words with a consonant blend and a short vowel sound - words like 'plum' and 'clap'.

  • The next section gives further practice playing with blends and endings - word making.

  • We then put the blends words into sentences and further into short paragraphs.

  • We finish with a game.

Who can use these L-Blends Worksheets?

Children aged 3 to 6,

SEN children of any age if they are suitable for the child's needs.



Home educators - can be used as part of the Reading Made Simple Phonic Reading and Writing Programme liked by home educators.

Private tutors:

What is included in the L-Blends Worksheet pack?

40 differentiated worksheets, including a game

30 flashcards

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