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La Famille- French Infographics

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Grade 11, 12



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About This Product

La famille- Infographics on the topic of family

This document is a versatile teaching resource designed to enrich the learning of advanced French students, specifically in the 11th and 12th grades.

This set of infographics showcases diverse aspects related to Family Trends in France, offering an insightful visual approach that promotes a deeper understanding for this thematic.

Key Features:

  • Visual Appeal: Each infographic is characterized by its visual appeal packing well-presented facts.

  • Vast Topics: Cover topics such as - "Le mariage", "Le PACS", "Le divorce" and more. In total there are 14 unique infographics sheets within this package.

  • Versatility: These infographics can be used during class discussions or to supplement textbook references. They may also serve for small group activities or individual study sessions where students explore specific subjects in-depth at their own pace outside of regular class hours.

  • 'Test your knowledge' Feature: With answer key provided; an engaging way to incite self-assessment amongst learners. Offering them the ability to gauge their comprehension prior to actual teacher evaluations.

Included Content

The resource package includes a convenient 15-page booklet encapsulating all contents plus discrete files available for every infographic sheet based on academic needs.

They come in PDF format ensuring easy accessibility across various software while maintaining originality of layout designs without worry about misalignments or distortions during prints/uploads/downloads. Please note that the sheets are not editable.

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