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Learn Phonic Sound CK - Play Bingo and Snap

Learn Phonic Sound CK - Play Bingo and Snap
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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Learn Phonic Sound CK - Play Bingo and Snap

Instill the foundation of phonics in young learners with the Learn Phonic Sound CK teaching resource. Catering to children aged three years and up, this kit offers an enjoyable way to reinforce recognition of the 'ck' phonic sound through classic games such as Bingo and Snap.

Comprehending phonics or sounds within words is crucial for burgeoning readers. This pack simplifies the concept by presenting a series of phonic sounds that account for nearly 80% of words in English. The remaining 20% are covered by relying on students' abilities to recognize words upon sight.

Tailored for Both Individual Pupils and Groups

Designed for both individual pupils or groups, Learn Phonic Sound CK engrains initial and vowel sounds into their memory effectively. Examples such as 'b', ‘d’, or 'a' (as in c...a...t) are included, encouraging students to practice coupling these sounds together to form words.

Simplifying Lesson Plans

  • This packet includes lucid instructions that make it straightforward even if you're new to phonics instruction.
  • Gamified learning through bingo and snap – a proven method known for its impact on student motivation.
  • Ideal group activity or small group game suitable from Kindergarten through grade two classrooms.
  • The resource can be adapted into homework assignments ensuring continual reinforcement outside the classroom too.
  • Sentence builders included help children organize their freshly learned vocabulary into sentences mastering word building more comprehensively.
Payload Upon Purchase
Bingo Boards: 2 Print-and-cut Word Lists: 32 words appear twice each

A unique feature is that the resource extends to an open invitation for young learners to personalize the accompanying drawings enhancing creativity and enjoyment in the learning process.

The daily use of this resource reinforces phonics until mastery and can be a excellent starter material especially for classes new to reading by using phonics. This widely adaptable resource is available in PDF format and targets students from Kindergarten up through grade two focusing on the Language Arts subject area.

With Learn Phonic Sound CK offering robust reinforcement of phonic sound 'ck' using engaging classic games while demanding minimal prep work, it aligns with all your needs whether you’re homeschooling or teaching in a traditional classroom setting.

What's Included

- 2 bingo boards

- print and cut out list of 32 words x2

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