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Learn Spelling Rules: Dropping And Adding ‘y’ And Plurals

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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5





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Spelling Rules Included In This Resource:

Learn Spelling Rules Challenge 4 

Drop the final 'e' if a word ends in 'le' and add 'y'. But if a word ends in two or more consonants, add 'ily'.

A challenge to teach that you drop the final 'e' sound if a word ends in a vowel and you add 'y'. For example, possible - possibly. However, if a word ends in a consonant, as in 'happy', you drop the 'y' and add 'i'. For example happy - happily.

Learn Spelling Rules Challenge 5 

If a word ends in 'll', just add 'y'.

A one page challenge to show words ending in 'll' just add 'y'. For example, full - fully

Learn Spelling Rules Challenge 6 

If a singular word ends in ss, sh, ch, x, or zz add 'es', to change it to plural. 

In this challenge, our friend Zoggy helps the children to change singular words into plural. For example, words ending in ss, sh, ch, x, zz. For example, fox - foxes. Examples are included.

Learn Spelling Rules Challenge 7 

For words ending in a consonant and 'y', add 'ies'. For example, pony - ponies (plural). If a word ends in a vowel and 'y' add 's' (donkey, donkeys).

This challenge provides examples of how to change singular endings into plurals. For words ending in 'y', drop the 'y' and add 'ies'. For example, pony - ponies. For words ending in a vowel, just add an 's'. For example, donkey - donkeys.

With 'Learn Spelling Rules Packs' spelling need not be dull. These work packs can be used at school or at home, to reinforce spelling rules in a fun way. 

Our character, Zoggy, the friendly alien, is a genius when it comes to spelling. He encourages the children to join him in his spelling workout. In other words, they must train and learn the spelling rules.

These packs consist of challenges in spelling, focusing on words formed using spelling rules. For example, dropping 'e' in words like 'take' to make 'taking'. Each pack focuses on a different rule and the packs may be used in any order.

These packs are essential to help correct common errors in spelling. They also help avoid bad habits forming in spelling.

Each pack contains lots of practice to help the children remember the rules.

What's Included

6 pages

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