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Learn Words Ending in le and el: Read the story 'Walking The Dogs’

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Preschool, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Product Description: Learn Words Ending in le and el: Read the story 'Walking The Dogs’.

This interactive educational resource has been custom made to provide students in the preschool to grade 2 range an innovative way to learn two syllable words. Its phonics-based learning approach is especially beneficial for learners aged 4 years and above.

Learners from different backgrounds will find this tool useful including reluctant readers, those with learning difficulties or English-language learners. Originally designed for one-on-one sessions with teachers or parents, it can also be seamlessly blended into small group discussions.

Unique Learning Structure

  • The unique structure introduces children gradually to 44 phonic sounds through engaging textual content about Sam's adventures.
  • This method helps children deconstruct about 80% of common English words into simple syllables thus aiding quicker language comprehension.

Add-On Packs

  • In addition, some packs come complete with cut-out practice pages that strengthen vocabulary via pairing words and phrases with relevant images – further deepening word memory recall abilities.
  • The use of uncomplicated conversational text alongside entertaining color illustrations further enhances this parent-assisted reading course's appeal.
'Walking The Dogs': More than just a story.

'Walking The Dogs’ is not merely a short tale but a dynamic resource that fosters reader progression towards autonomous reading habits over time. For instance, young readers may ultimately delve into more complex literature such as Roald Dahl's 'Georges Marvellous Medicine' or 'Fantastic Mr Fox' as they grow confident and capable in their reading ability.

Suggested Usage

While educators have the freedom to chose pack use order based on individual learner needs; it’s advisable to start off with packs that introduce initial sounds when teaching non-readers before moving onto more intricate phonetic patterns

Recommended Steps:
  1. Begin by familiarizing students thoroughly with each sound.
  2. Implement repeated readings until the concepts are strongly embedded.
  3. Encourage students to associate phrases/words at the end of each segment to relevant images using specific words from the text. This process can be repeated until every sound becomes recognizable to each learner.

What's Included

28 pages

Resource Tags

phonics-based learning reading comprehension vocabulary building interactive learning word memory recall

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