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Close Reading Comprehension ‘Walking The Dogs’

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

Close Reading Comprehension ‘Walking The Dogs’: A Teaching Resource

The teaching resource titled 'Walking The Dogs' is aimed towards educators primarily in the kindergarten to grade 3 range. This comprehensive material not only revisits phonics - specifically ...le and ...el, but does so within the context of an engaging story to boost comprehension skills.

Packed with Knowledge-Rich content

This resource includes a total of 26 pages full of invaluable learning content. It steps beyond simply memorizing phonetic patterns and lets students explore them through the interactive story called 'Walking The Dogs.'

A Fun Filled Approach for Phonic Sound Revision

  1. Storytelling: The students dive into an engaging narrative about walking dogs, blending education with entertainment.
  2. Comprehension Questions: The students are prompted with questions based on the narrative. This approach encourages critical reading and reflection for better understanding.

Versatile Application Modes

  • Whole Group: Collective reading followed by group discussions on provided question prompts.
  • Small Practicum groups: Turns in narrating sections and discussion among group members for diversified exposure.
  • Solo learning: Individual student-focused study suitable as homework where they can learn at their own pace, providing responses orally or written under adult guidance.
Described above are some possible deployment methods, keeping in mind various learning styles or academic levels.

In conclusion, this resource perfectly aligns with our ‘Learn To Read With Phonics’ curriculum scheme instilling enriched literacy experience from kindergarten all through third grade. This resource comes in a PDF format rendering a digitally convenient experience that caters to different learning strategies to meet individual needs of students graciously.

What's Included

26 pages

Resource Tags

phonic sounds reading comprehension literacy enrichment phonetics interactive learning

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