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Letter J Articulation Drills: Feed the Monster! - BOOM Cards

An educational teaching resource from The Tattooed Speechie entitled Letter J Articulation Drills: Feed the Monster! - BOOM Cards downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Feed the Monster! Letter J Articulation Drills is a fun, interactive speech therapy resource for working on the /j/ phoneme. Designed for preschool through elementary school students, it features engaging graphics of a friendly monster with an open mouth. Students will practice making the /j/ sound and identifying words that start with or contain that phoneme while dragging objects like jelly, jacket, and jungle into the monster's mouth. This BOOM Cards deck can be used by speech therapists in individual or small group sessions. It also works well for whole class review or independent speech practice to reinforce carryover of skills outside of therapy. With self-checking features, entertaining animation and opportunities to repeat for fluency, Feed the Monster builds mastery of the /j/ sound in a motivating format kids will love.

What's Included

1 PDF file with a link to Boom Card.

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