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Livret d’activités de littératie et vocabulaire: La production de chocolat

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Grade 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Livret d’activités de littératie et vocabulaire: La production de chocolat

An engaging and comprehensive learning resource designed for educators of Grades 3 to 5. It focuses on the essential skills of reading, writing, vocabulary development, artistry in drawing, and performing arts. Crafted to accommodate both physical classroom settings and remote learning environments.

Topic focus: Chocolate Production

This French language resource centers around the interesting topic of chocolate production. The interactive workbook spans 28 pages with activities for independent learners either at school or home.

Interactive Activities:

  • Vocabulary sheet and word lists to enrich their French lexicon.
  • Bingo games, charades, anagram puzzles making learning fun.
  • Drawing scenes related worksheets encourage creativity.
  • Invention tasks of comic strips at two complexity levels offer differentiation based on individual student strengths.

Towards Enriching Education:

The manual harbors writing exercises nudging students to concoct phrases or complete stories thereby nurturing creativity while strengthening written communication skills.
Critical thinking is fostered through connective tasks using links alongside a Venn diagram comparison activity which promotes logical associations between concepts learned.
An 'Internet Research Task', aims at enhancing digital literacy while consolidating knowledge gained from previous activities. From unique opportunities for self-expression with preferred word selection exercises and riddle composition tasks all the way fostering active engagement through flick race game – this book satisfies all!

In Conclusion:

Livret d’activités de littératie et vocabulaire: La production de chocolat a versatile teaching aid that amalgamates playful experience with serious learning. It respects different learning styles and remains enticingly themed around chocolate production. Available in a handy PDF format, it promises to be an indispensable aid in your teaching endeavor, whether in-person or remote.

What's Included

1 pdf and 28 pages

Resource Tags

French language Literacy Vocabulary development Chocolate production Multidisciplinary approach

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