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Livret d’activités de littératie et vocabulaire: Les hommes autochtones volume 2

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Grade 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Livret d’activités de littératie et vocabulaire: Les hommes autochtones volume 2

A must-have teaching resource concentrating on Indigenous men, Volume 2 intended primarily for grade 3 to 5. It primarily targets world languages and is mostly focused on the French language making it an ideal tool for public school educators as well as homeschooling parents. This literacy activity book consists of:

  • Reading tasks
  • Writing tasks
  • Vocabulary enhancement exercises
  • Creative games,
  • Drama arts activities.

Apart from being completed in school or at home independently, this resource package offers eventful activities that are compatible with remote learning periods, alongside enrichment chapters for classroom sessions or home-based lessons.

In this Document:

You'll find:

  1. Vocabulary sheet (p.4)
  2. List of vocabulary words (p.6)
  3. Bingo game sheet (p.7)
    • New Addition in Volume2!
      Create-a-word puzzle task(p8) up to invent-a-comic-strip project specially designed aiming two levels of complexity suitable from beginner level through advanced learners.
*Note: Product also includes web research exercises and comparative Venn diagrams aligned with interactive investigative study methods supporting the student's comprehension of the language.* The Usage and Benefits:

This product encapsulates learning in lively games like charades, anagrams etc., giving a fun touch to education while holding its effectiveness intact simultaneously. The resource comes in a PDF file format which improves accessibility by allowing teachers to download and print assignments conveniently preserving high-quality content across different platforms.


The Livret d’activités de littératie et vocabulaire: Les hommes autochtones volume 2 squarely supports French language literacy coupled with indigenous studies. This resource fits seamlessly into various teaching setups including one-on-one instruction, digital teaching or small group tutoring. Overall, this all-inclusive product ensures flexibility catering to the needs of each educator paving way for enriched interactive lessons across several teaching models.

What's Included

1 pdf and 28 pages

Resource Tags

Indigenous men French language Vocabulary enrichment Literacy activities Interactive learning

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