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Livret d’activités de littératie et vocabulaire: Les verbes, volume 11

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Grade 3, 4, 5





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About This Product


The Livret d’activités de littératie et vocabulaire: Les verbes, volume 11 is a comprehensive educational resource tailored to facilitate French language education. With this engaging activity booklet, educators can enrich their students' language and literacy skills in a personalized and effective way.

Learning Levels & Methodologies

This practical tool targets Grades 3 through 5 and focuses on verbs, nurturing reading, writing, vocabulary building while incorporating games, acting, drawing exercises that help make learning an enjoyable experience for students.
The booklet consists of a plethora of activities that can be completed either at school or home independently. This versatility enables it to serve as an excellent supplement during remote learning periods or as an enrichment activity within classroom settings or home study sessions.

Diverse Content Features

  • A well-structured table of contents followed by vocabulary sheets.
  • Word-related puzzles aimed at enhancing linguistic adeptness further.
  • Creative-writing prompts for constructing sentences using newly acquired vocabulary.
  • A charades game promoting theatrical aptitude while reinforcing comprehension.
  • Intriguing exercises such as inventing comic strips catering to different skill mastery levels
  • An Internet research exercise incorporated for enhancing digital literacy coupled with knowledge exploration.
Fostering Proficiencies & Abilities:
  1. Narrative crafting proficiency through story-writing exercises.
  2. Foster relational thinking among learners through connection-making activities giving depth in their understanding.
  3. Venn diagram comparison exercise bolstering analytical cognition alongside linguistic prowess enhancement given lastly but not leastly.
Addition of Engaging Dimensions:

The activity booklet also introduces a Flick race that brings forth a sense of competition, dynamically integrating academic content.


This resource is provided in PDF format, spanning a total of 28 pages - ensuring an abundant compilation of superior quality teaching material conveniently. Employing this resource can equip educators with a structured, engaging, and skillfully designed tool to facilitate dynamic French language learning experiences for their students. The idea is to create as many opportunities as possible for students to interact with the language in meaningful ways which is accomplished excellently by this activity booklet.

What's Included

1 pdf and 28 pages

Resource Tags

French language literacy skills vocabulary building interactive learning activity booklet

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