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Locations on the Cartesian / Coordinate Plane Worksheet

An educational teaching resource from Resource Garden entitled Locations on the Cartesian / Coordinate Plane Worksheet downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 4, 5, 6, 7





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About This Product

This is a Locations on the Cartesian/ Coordinate Plane Worksheet for your math students to complete. The objective is for students to correctly write coordinates and answer questions related to grids, ordered pairs and missing vertices. It is a 4 page printable and comes with an answer key.


This worksheet is designed for upper elementary and middle school students in 4th – 6th grade. It is for students who have been introduced to or are reviewing coordinate and cartesian planes. It would make a great pre-test and post-test for your math students.


You can also utilize this worksheet in other ways:

--Students can independently complete it for a grade.

--Students can work together in partners or small group to complete it.

--It can be given as a homework assignment and then reviewed as a whole group the next day.

--If many students need additional support, the worksheet can be completed as a whole group.


There are 12 questions included across 4 pages, so no matter how you choose to implement it, you can rest assured that it will provide students with adequate practice.


I hope you enjoy!


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What's Included

2 PDFs with 4 pages each

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