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Addition File Folder

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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

If you want to provide your students with some engaging practice with solving addition problems, this Addition File Folder is a great fit.


All you need is:

-A file folder

-The printable pages included here

-Velcro strips

-Math counting manipulatives


You will print out the numbers page and the addition problem blank template.


After you print everything, you can laminate it all and apply Velcro strips where you see them in the example.


You will want some sort of math counters included in this file folder to support student learning as they work to solve addition problems. Velcro strips on top of the addition template will encourage students to move their counters to assist them in finding the total.


There are numbers 0-10 included. There are two number 1’s, two number 2’s, two number 3’s, two number 4’s, two number 5’s, and two number 9’s.


Students will pick two numbers and plug them into their blank addition template.


This is great for early finishers. Whenever students have finished an assignment and are waiting on other students to finish, they can work on this addition file folder.


This addition file folder is also great for centers and small groups. When you pull a small group of students to work with you, you can quickly assess their mastery and how well they are grasping the skill of adding.

What's Included

A 4 page printable PDF

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