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Long u Vowel Sound - Word Lists, Tests, BINGO - Print & Digital | 20-Word Set

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2



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About This Product

Long u Vowel Sound - Word Lists, Tests, BINGO - Print & Digital | 20-Word Set

Long u Vowel Sound - Word Lists, Tests, BINGO - Print & Digital | 20-Word Set is a resource designed to aid in the learning and comprehension of long vowel sounds. This set particularly focuses on the long 'u' sound, offering teachers a variety of strategies to engage students with this fundamental language arts topic.

Created for students starting their journey with long vowels, it is also an excellent resource to assist struggling learners. Inclusive Bingo cards and flashcards add a fun element to practice sessions, which can be conducted whole group or in smaller breakout groups. The activities are also suitable as homework assignments encouraging independent practice.

Ease-of-Use and Comprehensive Coverage

The resource includes thirty four printable pages and 42 PDF slides ensuring comprehensive coverage of the topic at hand while maintaining ease-of-use.

Inclusive Educational Elements:
  • [WORD LIST]: Comprising 20 easy-to-understand 'long u' vowel words.
  • [QUIZ]: Enables educators for assessment post completion of teaching all words.
  • [FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS]: Introduces concepts interactively.
Actionable Hands-On Experience For Kids:
  • [BINGO CARDS]: Activities includes image-based ones,text-only versions along with blank templates
  • [FLASH CARDS]:Caters differentially to student learning styles.
Another highlight detail included is its digital component:
  1. Vocabulary Presentation which makes aspirational technology integration achievable even among younger grades such as Kindergarten through Grade Two.
This set includes resources which flow naturally with Common Core standards RF.K.2 & RF.K.3 providing an excellent blend of foundational skills alongside curriculum outcomes. In conclusion, the Long u Vowel Sound - Word Lists, Tests, BINGO - Print & Digital | 20-Word Set provides an enjoyable and effective means to cultivate learners curiosity in vocabulary learning during their early years.

What's Included

34 Pages, 42 PDF Slides

This resource includes the following:

Print & Go!

⭐️ Word List - Easily present 20 long u words.

⭐️ Word List (Complete Series) - Give an overview of 100 long vowel words.

⭐️ Quiz - Test all 20 previously taught words.

⭐️ Fill-in-the-Blanks - Contains 2 fill-in pages to practice the long u sound.

⭐️ BINGO Cards (Images, Text-Only, Blank) - 10 pages with images, 10 text-only pages, and 1 blank page.

⭐️ Flash Cards (2 Levels | Round/Sharp Corners) - Holds a variety of flash cards. Pick the ones that suit your needs!

Digital Activity

⭐️ Vocabulary Presentation - Easily present all 20 words to your students.

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