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Looking Back: Queen Victoria and the Royal Family - Age 8-12

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Grade 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

About This Product:

The “Looking Back: Queen Victoria and the Royal Family” resource is an informative and interactive teaching tool for children aged 8-12.  This pack is perfect for reinforcing key historical skills and helping children acquire important knowledge about the life and reign of Queen Victoria, who ruled Great Britain and Ireland from 1837-1901, and the royal family of the time.  It is most suited to grade 4, grade 5 or grade 6.   


This resource contains a total of 53 pages and covers the topics of: Victoria’s childhood; her coronation; her early years as Queen; her marriage; her family; the royal houses; the Great Exhibition; her relationship with Prince Albert; her position in the British Empire; the royal jubilees; and her death and funeral.

In this pack, children will learn how to:

  • engage with the past and get excited about history.  This pack is rich in detail.  Historical facts are presented in a fun and engaging manner, surrounded by colourful illustrations, making the information easy to remember and recall.   Children will get to read fascinating imaginary interviews with real and fictional characters of the times, newspaper articles, letters, pages from diaries and royal proclamations.  It also includes lots of interesting firsthand source material.

  • do research and find information.  For some of the topics, children will have to find out the answers for themselves to specific set questions and look for pictures.  In order to do this, they’ll need to investigate and retrieve the relevant information in books or on online websites.  This will help them learn how to ask their own questions and think about what they want to know.

  • explain, or interpret evidence and information.  Many of the set questions and creative writing exercises will encourage children to thoughtfully consider the evidence before them.  They will be asked to look for clues in texts and pictures, to describe, to explain, to reason, to draw conclusions, to think critically and form their own opinions.

  • communicate historical information in an exciting way.  This pack includes lots of different sorts of activities: from writing diary entries, newspaper articles and marriage invitations, to planning a state ball, colouring pictures, drawing storyboards and designing Jubilee souvenirs.  These fun tasks will help children learn how to write their own narratives about each topic; how to to recall, select and organise relevant historical knowledge; how to empathise and imagine how people from the past might feel and act; and how to present their ideas in a manner that is memorable and appeals to the intended reader.

In Conclusion

This pack is designed to help support your children as they explore the Victorian era, deepen their understanding of this historical time period, and ignite their interest in history.  However, many of the tasks would also make wonderful themed creative writing activities for english lessons.

This is a digital download and PDF file. Please be aware, there are no answers, but all the missing information is provided in bullet points at the end of the pack.

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