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"Lord of the Flies" Booklet Project

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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10





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If your students are reading The Lord of the Flies, you may be on the hunt for all the resources to pair alongside this renowned novel.


This resource is a The Lord of the Flies Booklet Project that was designed to give your students the opportunity to reflect on the text and show what they know.


For the teacher: Print the booklet pages back to back. The pages should be cut on the dotted lines and around the tabs. Put the pages in order and staple. It would be best to staple in one corner or at the top of the booklet. Stapling on the sides will cut off part of the project. Once the book is properly assembled, students will be able to work from page to page.


The pages are as follows:


1. Characters. Students will illustrate one of the three characters included. They will select a quote by that character and use it as evidence to explain the importance of that character.

2. Mini-Essays. There are 3 essay questions for students to respond to.

3. Characters. Students will reflect on how the different introduction of each character sets up the story.

4. Setting & Tone. Students will find a passage in the book that has an ominous tone and explain why.

5. Compare and Contrast. Students will explain the positive and negative roles that Piggy’s glasses have. Students will compare and contrast Ralph’s strengths and weaknesses as a leader.

6. Setting & Tone. Students will reflect on the tone that displays itself at the end of chapter 9.

7. Symbols and Morals. Students will reflect on what they think certain objects in the story symbolize. Students will write the moral of the story.


This resource was designed for 7th grade students and higher. This is great for independent work, but students may also enjoy discussing pages with a partner before formulating their individual answers.


An answer key is not included, as most pages are reflective writing pieces.

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What's Included

A 6 page printable PDF

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