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LSF Cool Summer Font | Quirky Hand Lettered Font with Extras

LSF Cool Summer Font | Quirky Hand Lettered Font with Extras
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About This Product

The LSF Cool Summer Font

The LSF Cool Summer Font sparks creativity and brings a delightful twist to traditional classroom resources. Particularly suited for teachers looking for an engaging, visually appealing element in their teaching materials, this quirky hand-lettered font bundled with extras is just the right find. Integrating it into worksheets adds a playful edge that encourages learners and stimulates their interest.

Inspired by Popsicles Designs

The nuances of the font have been influenced by whimsical designs of popsicles - a relatable symbol of fun and summer for students. In addition to the full alphabets designed using this inspiration, extra dingbat popsicle doodles are provided for more flexibility while creating your teaching material.

An Overview with The Font Poster

To ensure you fully grasp the look and feel before incorporating it into your materials, you'll also be provided with a font poster offering an overview of what to expect. This resource also serves as useful decor to enliven classroom spaces.

  • Ideal across all grades:
    1. This font can be successfully intertwined into newsletters – making them more engaging for students’ reading.
    2. Educators from diverse areas can make excellent use of it in various settings: whole group teaching sessions or smaller interactive groups where activities like assignments are conducted.
        • Simplicity at its Core - PDF Format

          Keeping practicality at the core - despite being so dynamic - it's straightforwardly offered as PDF file type ensuring ease-of-use in different software or printing mediums without compromising on quality. TheLsf cool summer FONT+ opens doors not only to creative documentation but also creates an atmosphere conducive to learning via captivating visual stimuli - taking any basic educative content several notches higher.

What's Included

A font poster is included! Check out the preview for a closer look!

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