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Make A Sound Book To Reinforce The Sound 'ug'

Make A Sound Book To Reinforce The Sound 'ug'
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About This Product

Make A Sound Book To Reinforce The Sound 'ug'

The perfect tool for educators in teaching and reinforcing the phonic sound 'ug'. This product, designed for early learners, preschoolers, kindergarteners and first graders integrates effectively into Language Arts and specifically focuses on Phonics.

About the Product:
  • An easy-to-assemble storybook that caters to non-readers starting with pre-reading material.
  • The resource encapsulates all 26 alphabetic sounds promoting skills like sounding out words and combining phonics into forming three or four-letter words.
  • Incorporates fun learning through word games like snap and bingo.

Detailed instructions are provided to make sure user-friendliness for both- you, the educator -and your students. Either use during group sessions or smaller tutorial groups based on your teaching style!

Each new sound reinforces previously learnt terms hence consolidating deeper reinforcement among pupils therefore increasing retention probability among young minds leading to more successful outcomes overall.

Promote Home Learning & Creativity:

This sound book can also be used as a creative homework assignment thereby encouraging home learning. Additionally, allow children to personalise their books with doodles or additional ideas they may have– this contributes towards a fun learning journey rather than monotonous activity.


The Make A Sound Book To Reinforce The Sound 'ug' is available in PDF format offering excellent teaching utility crammed onto easily assembled worksheet modules. This essential tool will surely enhance your existing teaching capabilities making phonics easier and more engaging.|

Last Words:
In conclusion- be it introducing phonics to beginners or reinforcing early reading skills among school-goers - this product plays a vital role in promoting detailed language art skills -a tool your fellow educators may find beneficial!

What's Included

2 pages

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