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Make A Sound Book To Reinforce The Sound 'en'

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About This Product

The Make A Sound Book To Reinforce The Sound 'en'

This innovative learning resource is dedicated to educators teaching early learning, kindergarten, and preschool students. Primarily focused on the Language Arts domain of Phonics, it provides a creative mechanism to instill critical reading proficiencies in young learners.

The Method behind the ‘Make A Sound Book’

This tool emphasizes phonetics and encourages children to understand the sound 'en' in varied scenarios and words. This process equips youngsters with a practical toolkit that helps them decode almost 80% of English words. The remaining complex 20% are taught by utilizing sight-reading strategies.


Designed keeping simplicity at its core, this interactive resource starts with cut-out templates. Students can arrange these to develop a pictorial narrative reinforcing their grasp over the sound 'en'. An enjoyable blend of visuals and language fundamentals makes it fitting for individual as well as group learning environments.

Learner Engagement
  • Rather than just consuming content passively, learners are engaged in active word building,
  • Sentence structure exercises,
  • Fascinating word games like ‘snap’ or ‘bingo’.
Making these language exercises engaging yet educative further pushes learners towards increased familiarity with common sounds such as 'ot'. Each successful step taken prepares ground for introducing another brand-new sound.

Main Target Group

The book is designed mainly for beginner readers who have little or no grounding before they embark on their journey into the world of reading – but owing its adaptability even three-year-olds eager to read could engage themselves through these phonetic-based work packs. Special emphasis is given on repetition till pupils display comfort with material for ensuring absorption at each child's individual pace.

Personal Touch

A perfect example of learning by doing, students are motivated to add their personal touches such as adorning illustrations or coming up with their unique interpretations while playing games – transforming something traditional into an exciting venture exploding with creativity!

In Summary

Make A Sound Book To Reinforce The Sound 'en' offers a solid foundation for budding readers by combining a stimulating blend of visuals, interactive learning exercises, games. Above all things - fun is key.

What's Included

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