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Martin Luther King Jr. | MLK Day Lapbook with Reading Comprehension

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Grade 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with this fantastic lapbook project! This MLK Day Lapbook with Reading Comprehension Activities and research work is a set of activities that is aimed to enhance students’ English language skills as well as history knowledge through this interactive and engaging resource. Made for 4th to 6th primary grade level students, EFL/ESL learners, and homeschoolers, this resource is a perfect must-have in celebrating the life and achievements of Martin Luther King Jr. The purposefully designed activities can be used as additional teaching and learning resource to celebrate MLK Day, supplement curriculum activities and lessons for the holiday, celebrate cultural and historical events, promote other countries’ special holidays and celebrations, assessment tool for learners, teacher-emergency friendly and sub plan resource, and so much more!

Content Pages:

A. MLK Day Instruction page

B. MLK Day Reading Text

C. MLK Day Reading comprehension activity

D. MLK Day Research practice activity

E. MLK Day  Lapbook Contents

1. 2 styles MLK Day Front cover to choose from

2. 2 MLK Day Name pages for individual and group project

3. MLK Day Title pop-up with general information

4. MLK Day Timeline page

5. MLK Day Defined foldable

6. MLK Day History foldable

7. MLK Day Celebration foldable

8. MLK Biography foldable

9. Civil Rights Movement foldable

10. Legacy and Impact foldable

The reading comprehension text and activities are geared to provide necessary knowledge and information for the learners to be able to put together the lapbook project. Each component of the lapbook can be filled by the students through the help of the reading comprehension activities as well as the additional research that they can do. The lapbook can be accomplished as an individual or group project that are perfect craft and hands-on learning opportunity for students. This project can be used for English Language Arts, Social Studies, and other related subjects.

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