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Mary Had A Little Lamb Animated Song

Mary Had A Little Lamb Animated Song
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About This Product

Mary Had A Little Lamb Animated Song: An Exciting Teaching Resource


An enthralling teaching resource for Early Learning, Kindergarten, and Preschool instruction with a focus on Art & Music. Specifically dedicated to Music sub-lessons, this video file-type product is an excellent tool for educators.

Engaging Animated Song:

This animated song captures the classic children's rhyme, "Mary Had A Little Lamb". Kids can sing along and discover the story unfolds as Mary takes her little lamb to school – fascinating to explore what happens next!

Key Features:
  • Interactive design maximizing learning and enjoyment
  • Packed in convenient MP4 format, suitable for indoor or virtual classes
  • Easily repeatable viewings triggering fundamental early literacy skills

Versatile Usage Methods:

    Inclusive of whole-group lessons:
    1. All eyes on screen method
    2. Small-group sessions facilitating real-time discussions based on guided questions by educators.
    Suitable for independent tasks:
    1. Benchwork time viewing individually
    2. /
    3. Create useful homework assignments offering relevant exercise questions post-viewing..

Note: Embrace education extending beyond textbook boundaries; often learning through music forms memorable experiences lingering in children's minds set to manifest when required later!

Above All...

To sum up - Enjoy seeing your students loving their learning process while they sing along? This particular resource goes beyond removing any ambiguity!

What's Included

1 MP4 Animated Song for Mary Had A Little Lamb

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