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An essential, versatile and compelling educational tool designed to enrich teaching methods and engage students .

  • Can be used in various contexts such as task cards, activity mats, classroom displays, mini - books or independent workbooks in learning centers .

  • Useful for enhancing skills such as attention, visual perception, memory and language understanding .

  • Aids in identifying key terms, articulating labels verbally or demonstrating knowledge through hands - on activities .

Versatility of Thematic Categories .

The 132 dynamic pages span over thirty - three distinctive areas adding depth and variety to any lesson plan . Areas covered include :




  • And many more covering household items,lifestyles and professional domains .

Cross - Curriculum Applicability .

This resource is not only useful for teachers; parents homeschooling their children can also benefit from it . Therapists utilizing its value for speech therapy or occupational purposes can find its potential excellent . Finds utility within :

Special Education needs ( SEN ) .
Speech Therapy sessions .
Language Arts lessons .
World Languages tutorials .

  • Format Flexibility .

    An interactive resource that you can either employ on screen — or print them out according to preference — with both colorized versions as well as black & white variants available .

  • Hones Problem - Solving Skills : The memory and matching strips are not arranged in a standard order on the boards — providing an opportunity for students to exercise their problem-solving skills .

  • In closing, the MATCHING & MEMORY BOARDS WITH STRIPS stands as a resource that seeks to augment your teaching endeavors . With its adaptability complementing diverse learning contexts — ensuring fun-filled, engaging and productive lessons across different subjects and grade levels .

132 page PDF with thematic category images, as boards or strips .

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