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Math Game: Comparing Fractions

An educational teaching resource from Life Beyond the Gradebook entitled Math Game: Comparing Fractions downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Math Game: Comparing Fractions

An educational tool designed for teachers and homeschoolers, it aims to help students develop a thorough understanding of how to compare fractions. The game recognizes the challenges pupils often face when dealing with similar and dissimilar denominators in fractions.

SCOOT Style Gameplay

The game employs a popular 'SCOOT' style format to boost student engagement. Easy setup includes printing and cutting for immediate classroom use or digital integration via Google classrooms.

Package Includes:

  • 40 problems: Students compare two fractions with varying denominators up to twelfths. Ideal for fifth-grade level students.
  • Recording sheet & answer key: Facilitating smooth grading process by recording students' responses against answers provided within the key.
  • Certificates of completion:Acknowledging success and boosting morale along the way.

This resource enables diverse instructional approaches – large group instruction alongside smaller group settings or partner activities—without additional preparation needed!

Larger Bundle Available

Fractions Math Game is part of a larger bundle focused on various fraction concepts – extending your teaching repertoire further.To save time, easy-to-download versions are delivered as PDF files (compatible with both physical and digital classrooms).

In conclusion, an easy setup combined with engaging content means Math Game: Comparing Fractions becomes an invaluable asset for both teachers and students alike!{!!assistant

What's Included

23 printable pages in PDF Format and Digital Google Slides Game

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