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Math Review for Kindergarten "Review With a Smile" Centers, Worksheet Counting, Addition and Subtraction, Comparing Numbers or Groups of Objects, Word Problems

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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

Math Review Activities for Kindergarten

This resource is part one of a Whole Year Math Review Pack.

Part 2 s coming soon...

CCSS aligned.

What's Included


There are 20 different activities.

Each of them has 3 versions

Color center (≈270 pages)

B&W center (≈270 pages)

Worksheets (101 pages)

Binder Colors (2 pages)

They have the same content and you can choose between the color or b&w printing option and then use the worksheets as reinforcement.

Counting by 1s - count the smileys and place the correct number. (you can use the included number cards or you can use dry erase marker)

Counting by 10s - count the smileys and place the correct number.

Count On - Look at the number of the book and count on the smileys and mark the correct number. (you can use a peg but I've also included the pencil graphic from the digital version just because I thought it looks cool, if you cut out the white space inside the scribble, and attach it to a peg it can also be used to to mark the answer)

Count Using Objects - Use the smileys to count.

Missing Numbers - What number comes before and after. (you can again use the included card numbers or a dry erase markers)

More or Less - Which group has more smileys (you can use the check marks included or for less cutting just use a dry erase marker)

Compare Numbers As Written Numerals - Place the correct sign

Add Using Objects - Use two different color smileys to represent the equation (two color smileys are included, they need a lot of cutting but it's totally worth it in the end ;) )

Subtract Using Picture - Cross out the extra smileys and write the result.

Word Problems - Several different types of word problems are included.

Addition and Subtraction Fluency to 5 - Solve the problem and use a dry erase marker to write the result.

Addition and Subtraction Fluency to 10 - The problems on the page have one of two solutions. Use the correct color of smileys to mark whether it's one or the other. (if you want to skip the cutting, marker is an option as well, kids write the result in the circle but smileys are so much more fun :)

Decomposing Numbers 3-9 - Represent each number with two color smileys in several ways (a bit more smileys cutting here but alternatively you can use playdough or blocks. I've included several different pairs of colors to use because they all looked great and couldn't decide which one was the best)

Decomposing 10 - Represent the number sentence with a 10 result with two colors of smileys (again of you want to skip the cutting, you can use other manipulatives)

Composing Ten - How many more smileys to make ten

The PDF file has bookmarks for every activity which makes this huge file much more easier to navigate.


These resource gives a variety of option.

Print and laminate the centers or place them in clear pockets.

You can use them as one activity at a time or make personalized review packs choosing a page or two from several activities and changing them daily Included are Covers for practice binders.

Another option is for all the pages of an activity to be placed in a binder or a tray and the kids pick up the ones they want to work on and later place them back. The worksheets share the same content as the centers and can be used for extra practice when needed or homework.

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