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Maths Test: Age 8

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Maths Test: Age 8 This math assessment determines the mathematical ability of 8-year-old students. As an experienced tutor and teacher, I have administered similar tests for over 25 years to gauge students' attainment in mathematics. The test contains 45-50 minutes of intentionally selected questions covering a wide range of math concepts typically taught to 8-year-olds - including numbers, measurements, shapes, and data recording. It examines computational skills, analytical reasoning, word problem solving, and fact recall. After completing the test, a raw score can be calculated by dividing your child's number of correct responses by the total number of questions. If desired, an adjusted standardized score reflecting grade level can also be provided to see how your child compares to average. Please email for more details. This test can be used flexibly in various settings like whole group instruction, small groups, individual assessments, or homework. It aims to evaluate abilities without undue stress. Sections may be paused and resumed as needed to suit each child. Ultimately the goal is discovering each student's true mathematical capabilities at this age.

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