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Mayans & Aztecs: Exploring Ancient Civilizations

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

Mayans & Aztecs: Exploring Ancient Civilizations

A valuable teaching resource for Grades 3 through 6, aiming to provide a captivating lens into the world of these influential pre-Columbian societies.

About The Module:

This immersive module covers extensively the civilizations of Mayans and Aztecs, who were precursors of modern Mexico. It provides endless opportunities to engage directly with their civilizational histories.

Main Learning Aspects:
  • Dietary habits
  • Work patterns
  • Forms of entertainment and worship styles
  • The complexities surrounding warfare
Interactive Learning Experience:

This resource creates an interactive learning experience, allowing students to write number glyphs using Maya codes or design their own battle uniforms inspired by Aztec warriors. This hands-on approach fosters creativity among learners as well.

Fascination With Blood And Death:

A fascinating aspect tackled in this material is both cultures' fascination with blood and death. Its tactful approach promotes critical thinking skills while fostering empathy and cultural appreciation amongst learners.

The Downfall:

The resources also shed light on how European gold-seeking expeditions played a significant role in bringing an end to such vibrant civilizations - offering historical insight on the complex dynamics between Indigenous nations and European colonialism.

Pedagogical Flexibility:

It can be applied flexibly in various instructional contexts:

  • Whole group discussions/studies about ancient civilizations
  • In smaller breakout sessions focused on specific cultural details or historical events tied to these societies
  • Independent studies or home assignments that cultivate research skills while complementing social science curriculum goals effectively


An engaging exploration for social studies classes focusing on Ancient History, this PDF provides relevant content suitable for both public school settings or homeschool environments.

What's Included

1 PDF with 48 ready to print pages

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