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Measurement: Drill Sheets Vol. 2 Gr. 3-5

Measurement: Drill Sheets Vol. 2 Gr. 3-5
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Grade 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Measurement: Drill Sheets Vol. 2 Gr. 3-5

An exceptional teaching resource perfect for students in grades 3 to 5, that strengthens understanding of various measurement concepts aligned with the NCTM standards.

  • Innovative drills to practice and develop proficiency in measurements such as length, volume, time, money, weight and area.
  • Smartly combines standard units along with metric units of measure presenting a comprehensive learning scope for students.
  • Methodically formulated drill sheets incorporating warm-up activities and timed drills for optimal knowledge retention.
Versatility And Convenience

A versatile resource suitable for classroom instruction in large groups or smaller study groups and even homeschooling settings. Can also be easily assigned as homework for continual reinforcement.

Promoting Deeper Understanding

In addition to systematic practice exercises through drill sheets, this product holds importance on reflective learning — providing dedicated space on every sheet so students can record their thoughts fostering deeper understanding of concepts learned.

Fusion Of EdTech Trends And Standards

A modern pedagogical offering where incorporation of technology has been thoughtfully considered keeping pace with current educational practices; addressing Bloom's Taxonomy and STEM ideals synergized with NCTM standards.

Aligned Assessment
This inclusive package comes bundled with assessment rubrics aligned perfectly with common core state standards that aids teachers to evaluate student progress accurately — supporting both formative and summative assessment.


  • Colorful activity posters boosting visual engagement,

  • Meticulously framed bonus worksheets broadening the horizon of practice oppurtunities.

For your convenience, this comprehensive package is available as a downloadable PDF file. If you're aiming to elevate math instruction using a reliable source material that encourages a strong foundation in measurement then consider choosing Measurement: Drill Sheets Vol. 2 Gr. 3-5.

P.S.: Let's measure real-life, let's teach simply!

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