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Measurement: Word Problems Vol. 2 Gr. PK-2

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Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Measurement: Word Problems Vol. 2 Gr. PK-2

An invaluable teaching resource that addresses key measurement concepts as per NCTM standards, this product is suitable for students from pre-kindergarten to 2nd grade.

Versatility in Instruction

Developed with diverse instructional needs in mind. Whether for a whole class lesson or small group activities, even homework assignments - it simply fits.

Real-World Understanding

This comprehensive package goes beyond theory and focuses on word problems – real-life challenges that students may encounter daily, aiming to compare and analyze different units of measurement.

Critical Metrics Covered:
  • Length
  • Volume
  • Time
  • Money
  • Weight
  • Area Areas (both standard and metric systems)

Promoting Optimal Learning Experiences

The materials provided invite an environment where students are encouraged to express themselves—fostering communication skills along with mathematical abilities through assigned reflection spaces on task sheets.
Color activity posters provided can be incorporated into lessons adding a visual element for enhanced comprehension especially beneficial to kinesthetic learners.

Aligned with Common Core State Standards
Adheres Bloom's Taxonomy
Conformity with STEM guidelines
Compliance with NCTM standard
Bonus features include:
  • Educational Enrichment Material; Evaluation Tools: Assessment rubrics for tracking progress over time:
    Review documents and bonus worksheets for any supplementary needs one might have during the course delivery period

Suitable for All

Perfect for public school educators or those focusing on homeschool education programs, Measurement: Word Problems Vol. 2 Gr. PK-2 can enhance math curriculums regarding measurements in an engaging and effective way.
The product file is conveniently available in PDF format.

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