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MEET THE TEACHER Welcome Notes For 5th Grade

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Grade 5





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About This Product

MEET THE TEACHER Welcome Notes For 5th Grade

The start of the school year is a thrilling time for students, teachers, and parents. The MEET THE TEACHER welcome notes bring an enlightening and engaging experience to smooth this transition.

  • A nostalgic keepsake for students
  • A tool for pupils to familiarize themselves with their new teacher
  • Presents parents with key info about the classroom while providing conducive discussion points.

This teaching resource offers impressive flexibility in its presentation. It can be used during small or entire group orientation sessions or even as a homework assignment drawing stronger home-school connections.

About the Product

The product has 29 pages filled with colorful content that are sure to grip everyone’s attention. There are four different teacher representation cards (older male, younger male, older female, younger female) alongside one without a teacher representation for increased versatility.

Included Components:
  1. 'About the Teacher Page'
  2. Full set options in both black & white or colored formats
  3. (leaving choices up to personal preferences)

There's also an editable set catering impeccably for individual necessities.

To ensure ease-of-use across platforms this teaching resource is provided as a simple PDF file. The product represents an essential tool for teachers and homeschoolers in facilitating effective student transitions into their exciting new academic year!

What's Included

Included Please Find: 29 Pages

4 Cards Each Showing A Different Teacher {Male Older, Male Younger, Female Older, Female Younger}

1 Card With No Teacher {Text Only}

1 About The Teacher Page

1 Set In Black & White

1 Set In Color


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teacher introduction student transition parent communication classroom setup homework activities

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