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Back To School Story and Activities

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About This Product

Back to School Story and Activities: A Comprehensive Teaching Resource

With a focus on enhancing crucial social skills in children, the Back To School Story and Activities proves itself as an invaluable asset for public school educators, homeschoolers alike. The pre-eminence of this toolkit lies in equipping students to combat the challenges associated with transitioning back to school after holidays.

Aimed at Kindergarten Through Fifth Graders

Specially designed for kindergarteners through to fifth graders, it employs worksheets made available as a PDF file. This kit lays emphasis on life skills development through social stories - narratives simplifying complex scenarios into understandable steps for understanding appropriate behavior especially post vacation returns to school.

Inclusive of 67 Diverse Pages

  • Variety of cover page choices featuring boys or girls preparing their backpacks
  • An editable personalized cover page option is provided too
  • It comes with four end pages having pictures of either a boy or girl or both along with an editable end page where teachers can add student's picture and personalize their resource.

Skill Builder Elements And More!

This package also contains 'Going Back To School' checklist and information sheet. These additional resources serve dual purposes:

  1. Maintaining organization amongst students
  2. Giving teachers insights into student readiness levels post breaks.

A companion coloring book features Social Skills Stories in black and white providing art sessions when learning smoothly merges fun into its folds. The digital era is not forgotten! Animated PowerPoint versions included cater easily to digital learning environments.
The flexibility quotient ensures usefulness across platforms - whole-class lessons, small-group activities or individual homework tasks. 'Back To School' becomes an experience to look forward to!

What's Included

Included Please Find: 66 Pages

Choice Of 5 Cover Pages

1 With A School Bus

1 With A Boy Packing His Backpack

1 With A Girl Packing Her Backpack

1 With Both Boy And Girl Packing Their Backpacks


Choice Of 4 End Pages

1 With A Boy

1 With A Girl

1 With A Boy And A Girl

1 EDITABLE End Page {to add your student's/child's picture}


Social Skills Story {with boys and girls, male and female teachers}.

Extra pages to swap out for customization for younger/older students, pages: 3, 5, and 8

1 Editable Page for school name

Skill Builders:

1 Going Back To School Check List Page

1 Going Back To School Information Sheet

Coloring Book Companion:

Social Skills Story in black and white

Animated PowerPoint Story and Skill Builder:

The story & skill builder in an animated PowerPoint version

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