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Mental Health Literacy: Helping Others & Attitudes

Mental Health Literacy: Helping Others & Attitudes
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Grade 5





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About This Product

Mental Health Literacy: Helping Others & Attitudes

An in-depth lesson plan targeting Grade 5 students. It primarily assists young learners to grasp their role in aiding individuals who may require mental health assistance and acknowledges the boundaries of their support.

  • It goes beyond just understanding one's role as an intervener, deeply exploring our attitudes towards mental health.
  • Designed to spark thoughtful conversations on the stigma associated with mental health, it makes students aware of how negative attitudes can cause harm and contribute to bias.

Fostering Empathy

This approach cultivates empathy among young minds while supplying them with necessary tools for helping those struggling with mental health problems within their ability.

A Comprehensive Resource

A comprehensive 51-page resource that balances content thoroughness with simplicity and clarity.

  • Includes ready-to-print worksheets for practical undertanding.
  • Mapped out according to educational standards applicable to Grade 5.
  • Effective for either group discussions or small interactive sessions.
  • Suitable as homework assignments promoting personal opinion formation outside the classroom.

The kit also comprises teacher answer keys:, ensuring clear explanations on difficult topics surrounding stigma related to mental wellbeing movements—promoting genuine knowledge over empty words. Presented conveniently in PDF format, this valuable resource is readily accessible for public school teachers or homeschoolers alike eager to make Health Education not only comprehensive but deeply meaningful!

What's Included

• 51-page PDF, ready-to-print worksheets and teacher answer key

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