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Modern Doodles Clip Art + Digital Stickers

An educational teaching resource from Fairways and Chalkboards entitled Modern Doodles Clip Art + Digital Stickers downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Modern Doodles Clip Art + Digital Stickers

The Modern Doodles Clip Art + Digital Stickers set is a vibrant teaching resource, specifically developed as a versatile supplementary aid to foster creativity and engagement in learners. This enticing collection features 15 high-quality PNG image stickers intricately designed with hand-drawn doodles. The images are succinctly titled for effortless navigation, nestled within a single zipped file for user convenience.

Educational Benefits

  • Educators across all grade levels find the resources valuable additions to their repertoire.
  • The adaptable nature of these resources makes them suitable across various teaching subjects, offering limitless possibilities in terms of application.
  • In a more hands-on setting like craft projects or note-taking exercises at school or home education scenarios, these stickers add variety and interactivity—Revamping routine tasks into intricate explorations heightening learners' interest.

Digital Learning Tools

For those navigating the digital space with their students - whether through remote learning or complementing classroom instruction with e-learning requirements - these modern doodle clip arts can prove indispensable. They add an engaging visual dimension to your digital planner or journal entries - ideal for teacher calendars, thereby enhancing student interaction.

Social Media & Blogging Applications

Blogging community and social media influencers on platforms like Instagram who crave authentic and appealing content can benefit from these clip arts immensely.

  • The files being reusable; they provide endless customization options concerning size alteration and rotation facility catering this requirement explicitly.
These clip art images not only promote dynamic learning but also cater to diverse online needs.

What's Included

1 Zipped File consists of High-Resolution PNG images.

Resource Tags

creativity engagement teaching resource digital stickers interactive learning

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