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Modern Lemon Clip Art + Digital Stickers

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About This Product

Modern Lemon Clip Art + Digital Stickers: An Overview

The Modern Lemon Clip Art + Digital Stickers is an indispensable resource for educators, whether you're a public school teacher or working in a homeschool environment. Conceived as hand-drawn, digital lemon doodles, they're geared for use across numerous platforms including digital planners, journals, and notepads.

Versatility Beyond Personal Organization

The versatility of this teaching tool goes beyond personal organization. The 15 distinct digital stickers have been brilliantly designed in PNG file format so they can be conveniently employed within a student’s calendar system. This adds an element of fun to scheduling and promotes student engagement.
From creating visually striking homework reminders to marking on track milestones on your syllabus schedule - think of these stickers as your personal visual aid toolkit!

  • Flexibility: Each sticker can be resized or rotated to fit different needs.
  • Creativity: Ideal for creating captivating educational visuals.
  • Social Media Appeal: Great choice if making blogging more interactive or enhancing presence on social media platforms like Instagram.
  • Craft Project Boosting: These decorative elements superbly complement any craft project by implementing a fresh aesthetic appeal.

Included In The Package

In this package is one zipped file containing high-resolution PNG images named individually for easy referencing which means no more annoying mixed-up files during crucial rush hours!

A Grade Non-Specific Resource

The Modern Lemon Clip Art + Digital Stickers prove to be truly grade non-specific resources that all teachers can extract value from regardless of the academic level they teach at.


This collection isn’t just about adding some zest to your daily tasks —it's also about effective communication with students without losing their interest in streamlined curriculum content — perfectly merging style with practicality.

What's Included

1 Zipped File consists of High-Resolution PNG images.

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