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Multiple-Meaning Words-Homonyms And Homophones

Multiple-Meaning Words-Homonyms And Homophones
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Grade 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

These worksheets provide your students with weeks of practice learning homophones and homonyms. There are five activities in all. They include:

  • Homophone Cards (35 pairs of homophones)-Laminate the cards and use them to play Memory or Goldfish. After a student finds a homophone pair, they say two sentences using both definitions of the word. The pictures give visual cues to help students remember the homophone definitions. (12 pages in all)

  • Homophone Card Review Worksheets-These 35 pairs of homophones are identical to the ones on the homophone cards. Once your students have learned the homophones on the cards, you can use the worksheets to assess their knowledge. For these worksheets, students write a sentence that includes both meanings of each homophone pair. ( 5 pages in all)

  • Homophones-For each sentence, students choose the correct word from a pair of homophones to complete the sentences. Most of the 8 pairs of homophones are repeated in the other worksheets. (2 pages-this include one answer sheet.)

  • Homonyms Worksheets-Students write a sentence for each meaning of the word. There are 34 homonyms. (6 pages in all)

  • Homonym Cards-(39 pairs of homonyms). Cut out the cards and laminate them. Then, use the cards to play memory. After a student finds a homonym word match, they say two sentences using both definitions. A few words are identical to homonyms in the other homonym worksheet, but a review of these cards is not included. (10 pages in all)

What's Included

A total of 35 pages.

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