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Multiplication SCOOT with Decimals

Multiplication SCOOT with Decimals
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Grade 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

These worksheets are for your students to record their answers, an answer key and 40 math problems to print out for them to work on!

This also includes a few blank math problem sections for your students to come up with their own and a completion certificate at the end.

Here’s How I Use This Product

1. One way that I love to use this product is to leave a

question strip on each student’s desk. I give each

student an answer sheet and then they answer the

question at each desk. I set a timer for them and they

move to the next desk when the timer goes off and

get started on a new problem.

2. Another way to use this set it is to post questions

around the room. The kids walk from question to

question at their own pace and solve each problem.

3. Another way to solve this is to post problems up on the

board one at a time while students solve and hten

respond on their answer sheets. They can turn these in

for an assessment grade.

4. Another way to use this is to leave 6 questions at a

table group. The students at that group solve the

questions and then the groups move altogether.

5. Finally, I use this by giving pairs the strips and an

answer key. They both solve the problem and then

check the answer. They can tally their scores to try to

get the most correct.

6. The kids who get 100% are granted a certificate. See

the included certificate.

What's Included

31 printable pages in PDF Format

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