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Multiplication with 2-Digits Task Cards

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Grade 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

Multiplication with 2-Digits Task Cards

The Multiplication with 2-Digits Task Cards are an exciting and fun teaching tool designed for students in fourth to sixth grades. This fresh resource consists of 20 meticulously crafted task cards, perfect for mastering 2-digit multiplication skills.


  • Friendly theme revolving around school-related symbols and ideas.
  • Variety of problems starting from basic to more complex ones, improving critical thinking abilities.
  • Diverse word problems furthering conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills.
  • Both color-printed and black&white versions catering diverse needs without any content compromise since both versions are identical.

Economical Design

Every aspect has been considered while laying out these unique learning tools. It includes a two per page layout design which reduces usage of ink/toner making it cost effective!

Data recording & Answer Key

  • A handy feature is the provision of data recording engaged students can use to track their progress—a wonderful self-assessment tool!

In addition, an answer key is available easing educators' workloads enabling spot-on correction swiftly!

Versatility: These task cards can be used across various settings: whole group, small groups or for individual assignments - indoors as well as outdoors! Also they are reusable if laminated - a money saving option!

Incorporate the Multiplication with 2-Digits Task Cards into your teaching toolkit today! A resource aiming at engaging students and simplifying math complexities; molding young minds into skilled thinkers–one card at a time!

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