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Music Crossword Instruments

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About This Product

This crossword puzzle about music can be used both for spelling and music lessons. Most words are instruments but there are also other music related words. When you fill the crossword correctly, you will find a hidden message!

In this crossword, there are  images as hints and the students have to name the images to the horizontal rows of the crossword. The lines are connected so when the crossword is filled correctly, a hidden message will appear in the emphasized vertical row. The hidden message will be: Music is a form of art.

The benefit of this kind of crossword puzzle is that once students understand the simple concept, they are able to proceed themselves regardless of their level. The answer of the crossword is on the second page, but students are able to tell whether they are right or not. If the hidden sentence is meaningful, then have done it right. If it doesn’t make sense, they will realize that; and then they can co-operate with their classmates to find the right solution. In other words, this worksheet is self-checking. 

This is a print-and-go and ready-to-use resource which can also be added to centers, or provided for substitute teachers or given as homework. I would mostly recommend this resource for grades 2-4 to be used in pairs or small groups, but this crossword puzzle is also suitable for individual work or other age groups for example as a time filler in a music class.

There are 17 words in this crossword such as harmonica, flute, marimba, piano, recorder, speaker and xylophone.

Answers are included. 

What's Included

2 printable pdf pages

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