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My April Journal: Creative Writing Prompts

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My April Journal: Creative Writing Prompts

This resource should be used to provide additional writing practice for your students. I recommend allowing students to write freely every day. You can determine the length of time that is appropriate for your students. Anything from 10 minutes to 25 minutes should be sufficient.

You many want to offer time for students to share their responses with the class or with a friend. This will increase student buy-in and engagement.

If you’d like to have students work on polishing one of their journal pieces for a graded assignment, you can use the revising and editing pages, peer feedback pages, or teacher feedback page to facilitate the feedback and revision process. This will need to be taught and scaffolded before your students are ready to use these checklists and improve their work independently.

If you just want to use this journal to get students writing, it is okay to not grade their work. Part of what makes journaling so great is that it allows students to write without being anxious about getting a poor grade or the assignment details.

Two versions of this resource are included. You should decide if you want to use the plain lined pages or the pages with a drawing space and guided writing lines. Make a copy of only the pages you want to use. The prompts are the same on both versions.

What's Included

1 PDF with 50 ready to print pages

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