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My Words Personal Student Dictionary - with Word Lists

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

This Printable Editable Personal Dictionary for Students is designed to help students enhance their vocabulary, improve their writing skills and develop independence with spelling. Packed with lists of frequently used words, homophones, and commonly confused words, this dictionary is a valuable resource for any student.

Print in booklet format for a very useful ongoing resource for students. Or print as single sheets for word study activities.

To print the cover in heavier cardboard select pages 1, 2, 67, 68 and print separately, then print pages 3 - 66 as usual.

Easily editable with any PDF editor to add or remove words, making it fully customizable to your needs.


  • Front cover

  • Contents with explanation of homophones and commonly confused words

  • Inside cover

  • 50 double spread alphabet pages with lists of frequently used words on one side and lined page on the other side for student recording of words they are learning to spell.

  • 12 theme pages: days of the week, months of the year, time, mass, volume, length, temperature, weather, shapes, colours and animals

  • 2 pages for extra notes

  • Back cover


  • Printable and Editable: Easily customize your learning experience by printing and editing this student dictionary word study book.

  • Alphabetical Word Lists: Find words effortlessly with organized lists for each letter of the alphabet, aiding quick reference and study.

  • Homophones and Confused Words: Sharpen your language skills with dedicated sections for homophones and commonly confused words, promoting clarity in usage.

  • Write Your Own: Take ownership of your vocabulary by recording personal words in designated spaces, fostering a personalized learning journey.

  • Theme Word Lists: Explore diverse topics with theme-based word lists, expanding your vocabulary in various areas of interest.

  • Student-Friendly Format: Enjoy a straightforward design that prioritizes usability, making it a perfect companion for students of all levels.

  • Word Study Focus: Immerse yourself in meaningful word study sessions with a practical layout that encourages active engagement.

  • Portable Learning: Conveniently carry your word study book anywhere as you print only the pages you need, facilitating learning on the go.

  • Affordable and Accessible: Access quality word study resources without breaking the bank, making education both effective and budget-friendly.

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