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Namibia Map Resources

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Product: Namibia Map Resources


This teaching resource comes with an expansive collection of twelve unique map sheets presented in different formats, such as PDF, JPEG, and PNG. These various versions portray Namibia from multiple perspectives to enrich your class's understanding of its geographical condition.

Product Details:

  • Every map sheet included in the kit illustrates diverse aspects of Namibia. There are blank outlines offering a basic framework - excellent for tests and quizzes or independent research projects.

  • You'll also find maps delineating bodies of water for a closer look at the country’s fluvial system along with visual depictions that highlight significant settlements boosting your students' knowledge about the population distribution across this African nation.

  • Additionally, there is a series of maps where Namibia is shown both in isolation and connection to its neighboring countries. This gives learners a clearer idea about its geopolitical context within Africa - perfect for lessons on regional relations by exploring how borders interact or influence natural resources distribution.

The resource kit allows buyers to incorporate these purchased map images into their own work following specific instructions available on the preview sheet.

Optional Extras:

The package also provides a link where users can access additional resources like a free downloadable map of the United States among others. For extended study beyond Africa, you may consider availing another bundle that includes significant data on 194 different nations available at an attractive discount.

Suitable Grade Level & Subject Area Usage:

These materials are designed not to be grade-specific but flexible enough to be integrated into various educational levels – from elementary classes grasping basic geographic concepts to high school students diving into more complex topics.

It caters primarily to instruction within Social Studies and specifically underpins Geography lessons by providing reliable visual aids highlighting spatial representation alongside cultural or socio-political influences affecting areas covered by these maps.

File Format & Type:

The arrayed worksheets come packaged in Zip format which means they can conveniently be downloaded simultaneously saving time spent accessing each file separately.

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Namibia Geography Map Resources Social Studies Africa

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