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New Year's Around the World Lapbook / Interactive Notebook - EBOOK

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New Year's Around the World Lapbook/Interactive Notebook - Ebook

The New Year's Around the World Lapbook/Interactive Notebook - Ebook is a unique teaching resource designed to provide educators and homeschoolers with a hands-on, engaging approach to studying global customs. This 70-page digital book not only educates but also serves as an ice-breaker for K-8 students.

This ebook encourages learners to explore cultural studies by helping them create their own booklets. They get to create art pieces, which can then be placed inside lapbook folders. This process offers an added sense of achievement while facilitating better retention of information.

The resource includes:

  • A comprehensive study guide which can act as the anchor when teaching about this topic. It has been designed in such a way that it can either stand alone or supplement any existing curriculum you may have employed.
  • Detailed instructions involving cutting, folding, gluing and creating - enhancing hand-eye coordination skills while keeping learning fun and interactive.
  • Flexibility of use – print copies based on classroom needs or assign it as homework project.

This ebook covers various elements related to New Year traditions such as:

  1. Exploring fireworks displays in different cultures,
  2. <
  3. The practice of making resolutions among varied societies,
  4. Talk about "Auld Lang Syne" and its significance during New Year’s Eve celebrations around the globe.

    Beyond being worksheets about holidays; This material fosters curiosity within learners while initiating discussions pertaining to world cultures thus providing social comprehension skill development.

    In summary,, The New Year's Around the World Lapbook/Interactive Notebook - Ebook is a multifaceted tool that fits into your teaching strategy. It works equally well for teaching in small groups or larger classrooms, setting simple individual tasks or engaging group activities, connecting vibrant traditions from around the globe right to your classroom.

What's Included

70 pages in PDF format

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New Year's traditions Cultural studies Interactive learning Lapbook Global customs

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