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NO PRINT Summer Articulation V Edition

NO PRINT Summer Articulation V Edition
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About This Product

NO PRINT Summer Articulation /v/ Edition: Preeminent Digital Educational Resource

The NO PRINT Summer Articulation V Edition is a comprehensive teaching resource meticulously designed to enhance articulation skills among students. The significant highlights of this resource include summer-themed vocabulary designed to keep the learners engaged throughout their learning journey.

"A perfect blend of convenience and functionality" Key Features:
  • This significant digital resource dramatically reduces paperwork and ink usage - a thoughtful initiative towards both virtual and in-person classrooms.
  • Easily accessible on iPads, it incorporates interactive activities, making the learning process engagingly simple.

/v/ Phoneme Emphasis for Enhanced Learning Dynamics

This engaging penultimate pack focuses on the /v/ phoneme with increasing linguistic complexity:

  • Singular words,
  • Pithy phrases,
  • Clever sentences (replete with rotating starter/ending phrases),
  • Stimulating stories. Allowing dynamic instruction in articulation while maintaining an element of entertainment!
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Focussed Practice Included:

The toolkit comprises 24 picture stimuli each for single words, phrases and rotating sentences along three word positions (INITIAL, MEDIAL & FINAL). Furthermore; it features one story per word position incorporating previously targeted words aimed at better reinforcement and recall. These tools are equally effective as special resources or preliminary practices like speech therapy without any limitation by grade levels! You as educators or homeschoolers can tailor its application to various pedagogical requirements such as large groups or a more centred approach.

An Interactive Approach to Learning:

With the inclusion of an invigorating reinforce game, be ready for applause! Your students will indeed appreciate this innovative approach that keeps learning boredom-free while supporting optimal skills development: in every sense "Learning should be enjoyable without sacrificing effectiveness".

What's Included

Here's what is included in this extensive pack:

***The 24 pictures include 8 INITIAL, 8 MEDIAL, and 8 FINAL word positions!!***

24 picture stimuli for single words

24 picture stimuli for phrases

24 picture stimuli for rotating sentences

1 story per word position using previously targeted words

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