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Non-identical Animal Matching

An educational teaching resource from SEN Resource Source entitled Non-identical Animal Matching downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Matching games build visual discrimination, classification, and critical thinking skills in young learners. This set takes matching a step further by featuring non-identical images that must be sorted based on conceptual relationships. With an engaging farm animal theme, students will delight in making connections between like animals.

The materials include 6 base boards, each with 4-5 detailed farm animal pictures. Rather than matching identical pairs, students must categorize the animals by traits like species, color, or baby/adult. Sort pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, horses and more using visual cues like number of legs, color of fur, or size.

Because the images vary slightly, students must look beyond basic appearance to understand how the animals are related fundamentally. This challenges learners to classify concepts at a deeper level. Worksheets can be used independently, in small groups, or whole class.

The open-ended format allows for sorting by multiple attributes.

Laminated boards and animal cut-outs enable reuse for different categorization each time.

Activities build visual discrimination, flexible thinking, and vocabulary as students explain their sorting rationale. Moving the pieces enhances motor skills too. This engaging game delivers cognitive growth in a hands-on way.

This set comes with 6 base boards each with 4-5 farm animal pictures.

Clipart images courtesy of Kari Bolt Children's Illustrator: 

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