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Novel Study on Dune by Frank Herbert - Science Fiction

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About This Product

Novel Study on Dune by Frank Herbert - Science Fiction

This English Language and Arts Literature Project on "Dune" by Frank Herbert (Novel Study) aims to make learners discover this Soft Science Fiction Novel on a deeper level (Character's Description, Places' description, Chapter Reading Comprehension Questions, Novel Analysis + Writing Activity to engage with the novel read)

Within this English Language Literature Novel Study Research on "Dune" by Frank Herbert, it is offered:

  • 2 worksheets to write research outcomes

  • 48 Cards to fish for this Novel Study Project on "Dune"

How does this Novel Study on "Dune" Teaching Resource work?

  • learners (or groups) fish a Research Topic card of each color (black for characters, red for places, green for chapters comprehension questions, purple for novel analysis and orange for writing activity prompts)

  • each student or group makes their personalized Research Project on "Dune", by focusing on their fished topic cards (ex. fished black card on Characters on "Leto Atreides", Red card on places on "Sietch Tabr", green card on chapters on "Chapter 1", purple Cards on Novel analysis on the narrator and a orange card on Book Review Writing Prompt)

  • Learners stick their fished cards on their research worksheet and write their Novel Study Project's outcomes

  • Learners make a presentation on their personalized rersearch on "Dune"

  • teacher evaluates research given learner or group's research outcomes written on worksheets

Why is this Teaching Resource worth using?

By fishing topic cards, students have a chance to:

  1. make unique randomized research projects

  2. focus on specific topics only and discover more the research Novel in "non-superficial" ways

  3. Connect their own Research outcomes with their peers'

This English Language Literature Novel Study on "Dune" PDF Printable Research Project Teaching (8 slides) can be great for learners from 7th grade to 12th grade (high school) to study this Soft Science Fiction Novel by Frank Herbert.

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