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Number Formation Practice Worksheets - Learning to Write Number 6

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About This Product

Number Formation Practice Worksheets: Learning to Write Number 6 Help young students practice properly writing the number 6 with these printable worksheets. Students will trace dotted number formations, starting with a large model then moving to smaller examples on lines. After tracing for practice, they will write numbers independently. Additional counting exercises associate quantities to the matching numeral. Use these pages during math lessons, as homework, in centers, for early finishers needing more practice, or with students struggling to form numbers accurately. Differentiate by selecting color or black and white versions. Consider pairing with number introduction activities, number recognition games, skip counting exercises, and times tables games for a comprehensive early math program. These simple worksheets build number sense through repetition forming numerals 0-10.

What's Included

Teacher information

Worksheets for learning to write the number 6

Different number formations are included so you can choose which formation suits your needs best!

Colour and Black and White printing options are both included.

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