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Number Posters & Practice: 0-9

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

Number Posters & Practice: 0-9

A comprehensive teaching tool that assists young learners in mastering numbers, Number Posters & Practice: 0-9 caters to students from Kindergarten through Grade 3. This resource serves as an ideal choice for both teachers and parents given its focus on foundational math skills.

Vibrant Number Posters

The set features bright posters that effectively showcase each number. They aren't just fun and visually appealing but also aid in enhancing memory retention and comprehension among children.

Inclusive Worksheets

Each poster is complemented by corresponding worksheets. These sheets:

  • Promote reinforcement of learnt skills
  • Create engagement with deeper number concepts
    • Diverse Learning Activities

      Activities featured include:

      1. Rhymes for understanding and recalling digit formation
      2. Numerical tracing activities
      3. Writing exercises
      4. Basic arithmetic practice drills

      Fits In Multiple Scenarios!

      Apart from full-class or small group instruction, Nunmber Posters & Practice: 0-9 addresses practical homeschooling needs alongside acting as a resource for tutoring classes or homework material.

      Note:This product is delivered in a universal PDF format ensuring compatibility across devices.


What's Included

This file includes:

* Coloured posters for how to make numbers 0-9

* 10 worksheets for each number 0-9 including a rhyme to help students remember how to make the number, as well as tracing and writing activities

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number recognition math practice visual aids counting skills arithmetic drills

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