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NUMBER PUZZLES for wizards - counting by 10s, 50s, 100s

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Early Math


Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Product: NUMBER PUZZLES for wizards - counting by 10s, 50s, 100s

Let magic fill the classroom as students improve their math skills with the NUMBER PUZZLES for wizards! This teaching resource provides a unique approach to enhance the learning experience of first and second-grade students in grasping concepts such as number sequencing and skip counting. Designed around a whimsical wizard theme, these puzzles engage young learners in learning math; transforming it into an enjoyable activity rather than a daunting task. These are no ordinary puzzles though. Each puzzle is intricately designed to strengthen essential numeric skills like:
  • Counting by increments of 10's
  • 50's
  • Evn ambitious leaps of counting by multiples of 100's.
Useful not just within a traditional classroom setting but also compatible for home-schooling sessions or remote learning setup as well. The resources can be utilized in various instructional settings- from whole group instruction within class hours to small group tutoring periods or even as independent work assignments that students can take home. This straightforward educational tool instills practical learning while making way for creativity and fun during lessons; its design allows learners to cut out each piece themselves before piecing them back together on blank paper which further strengthening fine motor skills whilst reinforcing math concepts. Adding an element of autonomy for learners is a key feature found with this resource garnering more enthusiastic engagement than traditional methods alone may accomplish at times. Each puzzle also acts as self-checking tools, giving room for students' independence while simultaneously assuring accuracy. Additionally presents opportunities to:
  • Differentiate tasks based on ability level thus adding an extra layer
  • Combine two or three different challenges compelling students to sort before arranging puzzles for those who would enjoy additional complexity.
You'll receive instant access to twenty ready-to-print engaging PDF pages featuring eye-catching wizard illustrations sure enough to spark interest among your young wizards! Focused on early mathematical concepts especially useful for budding mathematicians in Grade 1 and Grade 2.

Research has proven time and again that games foster an environment conducive for learning, especially among young children. This resource amplifies the same theory by blending learning with enjoyment seamlessly. Puzzles specifically, have been found to strengthen brain connections, boost cognitive speed and are considerably beneficial for short-term memory.

With NUMBER PUZZLES For Wizards - Amp up your math toolkit taking advantage of this fun-filled way toward numerical proficiency!

What's Included

20 pages to print (pdf)

Resource Tags

math puzzles number sequencing skip counting fine motor skills cognitive development

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