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Number Sense and Operations Set 1 Printable Workbook

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Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

Number Sense and Operations Set 1 Printable Workbook: Product Description

This Printable Workbook, specifically crafted for students in Grade 1 through Grade 3, serves as an engaging teaching resource, principally focusing on number operations to make mathematics exciting and easy for young learners.

Craftsmanship Behind The Design

The workbook has been professionally developed by seasoned education experts who fully understand the learning style and unique requirements of young minds. It also meets standardized testing prerequisites, promising a strong foundation in crucial mathematical concepts.

Main Subjects Included:

  • Number order & numbers word.
  • Addition and subtraction strategies.

Total Pages:

A comprehensive workbook contains a total of 29 pages, each intricately designed with exercises targeting two-digit numbers aimed to develop number sense skills among students.

Versatile Usage
  • Fits perfectly during whole group classroom instruction techniques or as revision work during small skill-based group studies.
  • A great option for home assignment seeking an amalgamation of school curriculum with home practices.
Main Highlights-:

The workbook's printable format enables teachers promptly access to quality material without facing any late-minute preparation difficulties.

In Conclusion-:
For public school educators or homeschooling parents – this workbook masterfully synthesizes fun-filled learning instructions while strictly adhering to grade-level standards.

What's Included

A 29-page printable packet with activities for 2-digit numbers number sense and operations

Resource Tags

number order number words addition strategies subtraction strategies math curriculum

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